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Monday, October 24, 2016

2016 Wilma Shana Backpacker Stories (This is Vietnam)

Backpacker Vietnam
Chapter 1: The Two Gentlemen
7 May 2016: Its monday saturday and I'm getting in the airplane to Ho Chi Minh City and this is my first solo backpack trip to foreign country, Vietnam. 
copy right: wilma shana
While waiting for the flight to depart, I met this two gentleman also it was their first time backpacking to foreign country and it was their first time travel by airplane. We talked a lot, I shared how it feels for the time travel by airplane, that feeling when the flight started to depart and to landing (You might somehow read this funny but everyone feel the same for the first time). Since the disappeared of MH370, MH17 crashed after being hit by a Russian-made Buk missile and QZ8501 crashed, I admit it that I'm afraid sometimes. What if the same thing happen to the flight that I was in? Its scared me but then I leave it all to Allah. Back to the two gentlemen, they don’t have any preparation since they come all the way from Perlis to Penang to catch the flight. They haven’t change their money and they don’t really know what to do once their reach there. I lend them my dong (Vietnam money) just enough for the bus fare.
copy right: wilma shana
Around 1.15pm, AK 1502 safely landed at Saigon airport, I wasn’t in rush and walk to the shop that selling sim card. Surprisingly, that two gentlemen waiting for me and we taking bus no. 152 to Bent Thanh Saigon bus stop which the fare 5000 dong per person. I remember all the tips I have read in blogs, we should not put our backpack on the chair because they will count it as one person fare. So, I just hugged my backpack and enjoying view from the bus. I was in shock, my eyes open widely, traffic in this city are insane and noisy. A lot of motorcycle user and it seem like there are no traffic rules, they make U turn whenever they like, they don’t care about cars distance to each other and people just simple walk through the heavy traffic without any fear. Its like they have their own understanding and communication using the road.
            It was a long journey, after hour of shock we finally reach to our destination and there is another problem, these two gentlemen didn’t know where to go and where is their hotel located. So since I had bought simcard and have internet, I offer to help them using my phone to find their hotel location and more, since I didn’t book any hotel I decide to go with them and trying my luck to stay at the same hotel if there are rooms available. The hotel located in district one but it was hard to find, we do lost and went to opposite direction of Phan Ngu Lao Street, the hotel located in that street.

“Welcome” the reception greet us cheerfully
“Hi, these two guys already book a room through and I wonder if there any room available for me?” I don’t know but its looks like I have become their spoke person.
“You stay together in one room?’ He said it with his local accent. I don’t know if its a statement or a question but for sure it surprised me. I’m laughing.
“No, I mean I want another room for me. How much it is for two nights” I'm trying to have a negotiation with him.
“Oh okay, we have one room and its cost 400,000 dong for two nights” He said while showing me the number in his old school calculator. I agree to the price and he holds our passports since we didn’t pay full. Just like in Thailand, it’s a norm to the hotel to holds your passports if you pay during checkout. We decide to take a rest and going out to the Bent Thant night market together at 4pm.
View from my room. Copy Right: Wilma Shana

It’s a budget hotel, six floor with no lift and I was lucky they have empty room for single and not lucky enough because its located in the sixth floor. So we stay there for 2 nights and I try my best to use the stairs as little as I can. Unlike other budget hotel for single room, the room quite big with its own toilet in the room and I got everything I need such as mini fridge, flat screen TV, air condition and queen bedroom even though the room look shabby but its provide everything that essential to me. be continue..
teaser of chapter 2: The Vietnamese...
"they were pulling their stall using their motorcycle while other hand in the motorcycle handle, the other hand and feet holding part of their stall in weird position..." 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Backpacker Busan Korea

I've always wanted to go to Korea, do u guys remember my older post about it? Finally I made it!!!!!!

So, I went to Busan last month 1-5 August 2016. The best thing about summer at Busan they are celebrating Busan Sea Festival. I was having so fun there, Busan like other metropolitan city its never sleep. The beach very happening and very crowded, I guess they only can swim and playing in the beach only in summer. They have open concert every night, so many beautiful places and everyday is hiking day. Here I share simple itinerary for my trip to Busan, will update soon in more detail for every places I went, shopping hout at korea, what I ate for 2 weeks there and about people I have met stay tune!


Day 1
-1 way subway ticket from Gimpo airport to Sasang st. 2600won
-Tmoney 2500won
-Topup Tmoney 10,000won
-Check in Sun&Moon Guesthouse
3 days 40,000won
*Dalmaji-gi Road
*Busan's Abandoned Railway
*Haeundae Beach
*Sun&Fun Haeundae Market-lunch banana fruits 5000won and banana milk 1300won, jeju oren juice 2000won
[all * walking distance, free entrance]
Total day 1 = 63,400won

Day 2
-1 day pass subway ticket 4500won
-instant rice 3pack 2600won
-mineral water 3000won
*Gamcheom Cultural Village
*Gukje Market
*BIFF Square
*Jagalchi Market
*Yeongdusan Park
[except *Gamcheom, the rest are walking distance, all free entrance]
*Hauendae Boat Cruise (1 hour can enjoy view of Dongbaek Island, Gwangan Bridge, Igadae Coastal Walk, Oryuk-do) cost 22,000won**Someone pay for me so I save a lot of money here.
*DJ DOC open concet at Haeundae beach since its was Busan Sea Festival
Total day 2 = 10,100won

Day 3
-1 day pass subway ticket 4500won
-mineral 900won
-locker 1500won
-banana milk 1300won
*Taejongdae Park (hikinglah offcourse)
*Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream (must come before 8pm)
*Jimjilbang 7000won (culture shock)
Total day 3 = 15,200won

Day 4
-locker 1500won, Topup Tmoney 10,000won
-mineral 1750, banana milk 1300, banana 2500
*Yeongdodaegyo Bridge (I went there late so I miss the bridge being raised, must come before 2pm)
*Haeundae beach
*12am taking bus to Seoul 37,600won
Total day 4 = 54,650won

I spent the rest of the 11 days at Seoul..will write soon (kalau tengok iti macam tak makan sgt kan? I was lucky bc everytime I duduk seorg2 there will be ajussi, ajumma so kind giving me fruits and I meet this one friend at Haeundae beach, that friend paid my ticket for the boat cruise and my dinner at Sun&Fun H market. Too bad I dont take their photo since they were like no no no its okay)

visit my IG for more picture @wilma_lifetravelog
Total cost 4 days for Busan 143,350 = RM513

#wilmashanagoestokorea#wilmashanaBusanItinerary #backpackerskorea

Friday, July 31, 2015

Tudung Labuh Keluaran DJC #DJCgiveaway

DJC atau dikenali DayangKu Justinah Collection merupakan perniagaan online rakan baik dan kini saya menjadi co-founder kepada DJC. 

DJC kini dikendalikan oleh saya 100%. DJC bukan sahaja mengeluarkan niqab tetapi juga tudung labuh bidang 50, 55 dan 60. Selain itu DJC juga mengeluarkan tudung bawal biasa bidang 45, bawal ruffle dan juga wide shawl. Sempena pengambilan ahli DJC daripada Justinah kepada saya aka WilmaShana. DJC mengadakan IG Giveaway.

1. Follow akaun Istagram rasmi DJC iaitu @djc_ws 
2. Repost salah stau post DJC di Ig dengan hastag #DJCgiveaway
3. Tinggalkan komen "done" di ruangan komen IG
4. Jangan privasikan acc IG anda

Giveaway berjalan selama sebulan dan tamat pada 31 August 2015
Pemenang bakal memenangi salah satu koleksi baru DJC

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What you should doing now so you wont regret it 5 years later.

1. Don't have that extra slice of pizza, you've had enough to eat already - you will regret it.

2. You don't need that new TV, and you certainly shouldn't put that on a store payment plan - by the time you've paid it off in 3 years you could have bought another television with the interest you paid out.

3. Do keep your living expenses low, like a business you want to have good cash flow and low operating costs.  

4. You don't need that new car - sure the sticker price says 19,997 on the windscreen but by the time the salesperson is done with you somehow you now paying $47, 897 @ 5.01 % interest over 8 years.  Meanwhile your neighbor is selling a perfectly good 2006 Ford Escape AND it has winter tires on it - you idiot.

5. You should do some push ups - like right now, do it......I'll wait....

yeah I bet that was hard eh? now keep doing that everyday.

6. Live small - you don't need that 5 bedroom house with 3.5 bathrooms and a sunroom.  You'll end up working yourself to death to pay for it, spending untold money to heat and cool the multitude of rooms you'll maybe spend 5% of your time in.  Seriously when was the last time you just chilled in your front family room for more then 20 minutes.

7. Learn a new skill, it could be anything but start now and in 5 years you'll be pretty damned good at it.  

8. Don't burn bridges, you never know when you'll need to use them to reach safety.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Travelog: 3 Pulau

Bermula pengembaraan ke 3 pulau popular di Semporna sebaik sahaja Fida dan Fana menjejak kaki ke bumi Sabah..
Let's Go!!!
Bajet weolls tuk 3 Pulau ni RM68 seorang
Pulau pertama kita orang jejak pagi tu Pulau Bohey Dulang, pergi hiking bukit Bohey Dulang.
serius uolls panoramanya sangat DEABAK!!! Ketinggi 600meter kami tawan dalam masa yang singkat..kami?? rasanya saya jak kot..hahaha yang lain tinggal dibelakang..

Yuhuu tengok wa jugalah yang smapai dulu di puncak, trus dengan semangat snap pic..hahahaha

Ramai gila uolls kat atas ni..macam-macam orang depa panggil wa "adik gopro" 
hahahaha pun boleh wahai abag guide yang kitaorg kena bayar RM50..oooh lupa nak naik sini nanti kena daftar dulu kat bawah tu baru boleh naik ditemani seorang guide..

Pulau kedua kami p is Pulau Maiga..yang menarik dengan Pulau Maiga ni is pasir dia yang panjang sampai boleh menghubungkan dua pulau yang bersebelahan aku kira..yelah air cetek mah..pasir dia putih sangat, air pun bersih...

nampak tak laut tu dibahagi dek pasir tu..cantik uollss..

Pulau terakhir kami p is Pulau Sibuun. Pulau ni tempat popular snorkeling selain pulau Mabul dan Pulau Sipadan.. banyak gambar tapi ermm malas nak upload banyak2 nanti loading lama plak blog ni... its Oja below!!! uolls nak snorkeling kat pulau Sibuun ni kena ada permit sebelum p sini apply dulu permit..but if korang ambik pakej kat sgent2 yang melambak di Semporna tu maka tak payah korang susah2 nak apply permit..depa akan settlekan..

Dalam sehari tiga pulau selesai kami tak ambik agent..kami share2 10 orang then sewa bot, bayar guide (Bohey Dulang), sewa alat2 snorkeling (melambak kat pekan semporna tu agent pelancongan yang boleh bagi sewa alatan depa walaupun korang tak ambik pakaej kat depa), makan bawa sendiri (if korang ambik agent makan sekali kot, tak tawlah)

That's all...sambung lagi cerita destinasi lain pula...

Travelog: Kota Kinabalu (KK)

Sampai jak kat airport KK dalam jam 10 something gtu, fida n the geng dtg ambik.. 
Kat KK ni member Fida masa poli dulu jadi tourist guide kami namanya Fauzi, dia ni agak lucu orangnya, layan saja bha...
Kami singgah makan kat saefront di KK tu, lupa da nama dia tapi situasinya sama macam kat padang kota lama Penang...
Lepas jak makan barulah dorang bawa check in kat Lavender Louge..ermm takda lak snap pic..
Lavender Louge best sangat, da lah bersih comel plak tu..
Day 1
Awal pagi lagi kami da gerak sebab banyak tempat nak pegi.
Tapi sebelum tu kami berpindah ke Hotel Victoria..

Mula tu kita orang pergi Rumah Terbalik tapi rasa mcm xbest pun..sikit je kita tengok pastu kena bayar RM10, if RM5 tadi barulah rasa so jak la..gambar pun xambik banyak mana.

Lepas tu kita pun gerak ke Kundasang. Pagi lagi so kabus memang banyak gila sampai tak nampak jalan uolls..tapi kita orang redah jak..disebabkan kabus tebal sangat maka tak nampaklah si puncak Gunung Kinabalu nun disana tu..

Tempat pertama kitaorang pergi sampai jak di Kundasang ni adalah Cow Farm..
ha,,kalau nak tahu kat sinilah pengambaran iklan susu XXXX yang konok di New Zealand padahal ada jak di KK tu..masuk sini kena bayar RM4 seorang.

nak bagi lembu2 ni susu ka maw kasi makan mesti beli tu susu n rumput..lupa suda bepa RM sebab si Fida yang beli..Aku tumpang kasi susu jak..kakakaka

Uolls susu dia segar bugar tapi lepas je bepa jam kemudian Fida xsedap perut..hahaha kami syak sebab susu yang kami minum tu tapi kita orang ok jak.. Fida jak ndak bepa OK tu.. perut dia ble trima kot sebab makan banyak sangat..hehehehe

da setel lepak2 di ladang lembu ni..Fauzi bawa plak kami p Poring..kolam air panas..
serius panas deh..namapun kolam air panas.. ha masuk pun kena bayar RM3 seorang..

Sementara aku p round tempat ni, dorang plak p rendam kaki..kat dalam ni besar..ada air terju, jambatan, taman rama-rama dll..tapi nak masuk tu kena bayar lagi..ermm tak jadi nak masuk..cukup kat kawasan2 dalam ni..

Petang gtu kami pun gerak balik ke bandar KK. sempat snap masjid terapung ni..

Fauzi petang tu kena balik kg sebab ada kenduri so kami jalan kaki jak round KK
Singgah Street Art ni, haa street art ni bukan maam street art yang ada di Armenian Street Penang tu. Street Art ni hasil keja budak2 lepak..

lepas kami p Jeti KK ni tapi tak smepat tengok matahari terbenam..

That's it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Travelog: Mabul Island

Da abis sem 7!!! Yeah!! So aku plan balik rumah kejap dalam seminggu pastu balik Penang nak keja sini cari duit tuk perbelanjaan konvo April nanti. Kebetulan pula masa tu tengah plan nak g Hatyai 7 Feb so ada coursemate seorang tu nak join sekali, Hajar. Bila da bincang sal Hatyai tersentuh pula topik nak balik Sabah, ha apa lagi dia pun nak ikut trus bank in duit beli tiket, Hajar pun ikutla aku balik Sabah..

Hari pertama,
Kita orang masuk mabul tumpang dengan bot PGA, free la kiranya. Hajar menginap kat Guest House kazen aku Kak Neng Guest House, Snak & Food Central. Neg02, mak aku bagilah Hajar price RM250 2 Malam 3 Hari termasuk makan 3 kali sehari. 
Sampai kat Mabul, kita orang decide nak rehat dulu esok pagi nak mandi laut.

Malam itu aku tidur ngan mak, Hajar tidur seorang kat bilik guest house tu. Tepat 1.20am tiba rumah rasa goyang sangat, pintu bagaikan ditolak dan dirempuh, kunci-kunci mangga pintu kedai bising, otak ku mula berfikir yang bukan-bukan. Mungkinkah pengganas maw merempuh masuk rumah kedai Kak Neng ni, aku mula terbayang orang-orang sulu lengkap dengan senjata menyerbu masuk. Dalam hati aku, mana PGA yang bertugas ni, ini situasi gawat.
Gegaran rumah sangat kuat hinggakan aq terjaga dari tidur yang lena, mak erat mengengam tangan ku. Takut di dalam hati tiada siapa yang tahu,
Satu hal lagi yang buat aku risau, macam mana dengan Hajar yang aku tinggalkan tidur sendirian dibilik bawah, dia ok ka tak? 

5 minit kemudian gegeran pun berhenti, cepat aku minta staf yang tidur tepi aku ambik hp, "kita call papang?" Tanya ku pada mak, selamba je mak cakap "buat apa kau call?" argh aq pejam mata sambung tidur...mungkin aku mimpi?

Hari kedua,
Esok paginya baru aku tahu kejadian semalam tu bukan mimpi malah kejadian sebenar semalm tu adalah gempa bumi...mati-mati dorang gelak bila aku gitaw depa apa yang aku fikir tentang peristiwa semalam...hahahaha luckily gempa bumi kecil saja...pagi tu proceed juga pegi mandi laut..bila matahari da naik baru reti nak balik bekfast..

Petang tu plak kami round island..huarghh syok2 tangkap gambar dengan camera baru SJ4000 tak perasan Samsung Note aku tercicir..sedih wei..tapi setiap kejadian tu ada hikmahnya, aku dapat kenal Warid. Orangnya kurus n agak lawak. Petang tu dia teman aku keliling satu pulau cari hp aku tapi xjumpa juga..aku redha kok..
Hari pertama hilang hati ku rasa kosong tapi bila lama tu tangan rasa gatal nak update instagram tapi ermm sabar je lah..yang paling malang lagi untuk hilangkan boring xda hp nak main, aku mainlah sj4000 aku tup tup aku terdelete semua gambar yang ditangkap sepanjang hari tu..demn!!tak dapat nak show off kat youtube budak-budak mabul buat lagak stunt..

Hari ketiga,
Pagi tu sebelum matahari terbit sekali lagi p mandi laut bila da petang sikit keluar lagi nak take pic memandangkan pic semua aku da terpadam..awal nak tangkap2 pic jak tapi nampak budak-budak mabul ni macam best jak mandi aku apa lagi join la sekali..

Aku tak pandai pun berenang even though da banyak yang ngajar aku tapi masih juga lembab tak reti berenang. Nasiblah budak mabul ni jaga aku siap pegang tangan aku tiap kali aku cuba nak apungkan diri..

tak lama kemudian warid pun join sekali
Plan esok nak balik sama-sama dengan mak, dia da sewa pun bot tup tup tup botman tu tak nak kuar esok sebab ombak sangat bergelora masa tu..kita pun extend lagilah 1 malam kat mabul..mak aku tak kisah, Hajar pun tak kisah..1 malam tambahan tu mak aku tak cas bayaran tambahan memandangkan Hajar kawan aku...

Hari Keempat,

Mak aku tak jadi lagi nak keluar mabul beli belanja kedai, diapun tumpangkan kami kat bot uncle Chang. Ikutkan naik bot Uncle Chang ni kena bayar RM70 one way tapi memandangkan abang ipar aku kerja kat Uncle Chang dapatlah aku dan Hajar tumpang free dengan kebenaran daripada office.

Hajar kesian dengan budak ni, dia pun hulur RM10...pelancong dari luar bukan main suka lagi tengok budak-budak ni main sampan, jadi sesi photografi pula kat sini sementara bot siap nak balik pekan Semporna..

Meet Hajar

Uncle Chang Punya

Da setel dari mabul, fikir nak buat passport pula kan kitaorang nak ke Hatyai..memandangkan nak buat passport di Semporna makan masa 1 minggu, hari berikutnya kami gerak ke Tawau dengan Rahma sekali. Aku sebenarnya tak cukup duit nak buat passport nasib Rahma baik hati pinjamkan aku dulu RM100 tambah duit aku tuk buat passport,,.dapatlah juga bawa Hajar jalan-jalan kat Tawau yang aku pun sebenar tak bepa nak tahu nak bawa dia g mana lagi kat tawau ni..abis urusan trus balik Semporna..makan masa 1 jam setengah jugalah perjalanan Semporna-Tawau.

26 Jan, Hajar flight ke KL. Next, aku menanti pula kedatangan Fida dan Fana..