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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

2013 Favourite Blazer/jacket

These are my favourite blazer/jacket for 2013.

Malaysia weather are hot and humid, some people might think you look stupid when you wear blazer or jacket in this hot weather even though the fact that you have to wear it b/c you work in cold air condition room or maybe you have class in really cold lecture hall. People should start think positively about others. I have that one friends always talking somethings like this:
"WTF, its hot why do they wear jacket?!"
Erghh leave them alone..they dun even bother you. maybe they just finish their class in lecture hall and still feel cold.

When I am wearing blazer or jacket, I always trying not to care about what people might think about me. I am actually comfortable with my blazer on me. Its fun to wear i, i dont know how to explain. its like you wearing something you really like.
So, you guys should choose a good blazer for outdoor, the one that make you feel not really hot and comfortable. Lets look at my pieces of blazer that I always wear when going outdoor. Most of them are short blazer b/c I dont want to sweat a lot. You know what i mean rite?

Fav no. 4 
can be fold also :)
I like the line design and the colour. Its kinda funky and I rare see people wearing something like this. I haven't saw it so far. The material I dont really know. Its kind a smooth cloth when you touch it feel like leather but its not, its light to wear and its got that sparkle all over of it.  Unfortunately, its disappear after washing it a lot. Oh its only RM10, I bought it from one of the store at Times Square Kuala Lumpur. There's a lot cheapest wardrobe there if you know how to search it. :)

Fav no. 3

This is my third fav blazer. There's saying like this "Every woman should have at least 1 black jacket/blazer". But since its kinda hot here (Malaysia) I decide not to pick something that really black. What I really like about this is the bling bling detail, its make it look glam. I saw many people wear blazer like this. Its cost me around RM25, I bought at Bukit Jambul Pulau Pinang. What I dont like is, the cloth types kind a hot and I prefer to wear it at night.

Fav no. 2

I call this jacket "Army's jacket" b/c of the colour. its a dark green and I feel like an army when i am wear it. lol nonsense! I like this jacket and I'm wear it quite often when I'm went to class. Its not thick and I like the lining inside. Its really comfortable. I bought it for RM25 at bundle shop here at Penang, forgot the name. The store super duper rocks, they sell secondhand branded clothes.

Here's my very favourite jacket!!!

Fav no. 1

this is my fav jacket ever for 2013. I really like how the button placed. Amazing about this jacket, its keep me warm when its cold yet comfortable to wear outdoor.  i also get it from secondhand branded clothes shore for RM25 only.

And here's my fav no. 5

sceme blazer 
I dont really like something that kinda formal concept. I rarely wear it..I merely wear it if I have presentation. The good thing about it, its make me looks like an office woman yet nerd girl.. Lol... Btw, its cost me around RM35, from wardrobe boutique at Perangin Mall, Penang.

I dont really know about fashion but its doesn't mean I know nothing about fashion. I just wear something that comfortable yet stylish and did not cost me lots of penny. 
That's all