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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

UNESCO World Heritage

are you doing well my silent reader?
Hope u guys well and have a great day.
Last Sunday me and my friends went for walk 
at Heritage Walk at Armenian Street
Place that you can find a street arts on the wall of the old building.
BTW, its not my first time visiting this place, I've been here like more that 5 times I guess
I really love this place ^^!
Well, I'm "historian"
I love visiting places that have history value
and no doubt I also love arts work.

From USM Bukit Gambir to Georgetown
We're taking bus no 302 and paid only RM2
The bus drop us at Komtar 
We're walking to the Heritage walk
and rent a bicycle because its really tired lo if you walking to find the painting
For whole day rent is RM10
but we're rent it only at price RM5 because its already evening
and yes I'm riding that bicycle with 3 tires
Kinda cute rite? hahahaha
*Kaki sakit gila sebab kena bonceng perempuan yang bernama Oja yang xreti nak tunggang bicycle

The "Kandar" at Lebuh Ah Quee

The street was really alive, too many crowd 
tourist from different places you can meet there
Armenian street such a best place for healing
and spent time with friends while appreciate the history and the arts
You have to queue to take picture with the painting 
So we're just taking pictures with the painting that less people queue at it
Here some of our picture

Know Him? Introduce Bruce Lee

This is opposite to the Bruce Lee painting

The Minion opposite to the "Old Motocycle"

The mouse hiding from Skippy the big cat

Do you know who she is? Introduce Marilyn Monroe the blonde

I would like to thanks Aie n Oja for the lunch..hehehe
I'm broke and luckily they sponsor me lunch.
heheheh Happy la bha kan bila orang belanja..
That's it.. have u been here before? If so, let me know by drop your entry url in the comment below.. I'll visit your blog :) Assalamualaikum.

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