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Friday, January 02, 2015

How to make guy ask you out

Hola guys,

How can you make a guy asking you out? You really want to meet him but you dont have courage to ask him out, so today I would to share a tips on how to make guy asking you out with giving your man a little bit hint that you want to meet him.

Enough with the texting, its time to have a date. You can make a guy asking you out for a date by saying things like you really want to visit places or doing things namely picnic at a beach, trying new menu at restaurant you never go, watching upcoming movie, going to zoo, and any interesting things and places that you never do and go. e.g: "I really want to watch the SpidermanXYZ, it will be shown on this Friday". He might get the hint and say "Lets watch it together this Friday night". Its doesnt have to be a nice places, you can also giving them hint that you want to do simple thing like jogging or hiking on the weekend. You never know he might offer himself to be your company. 

Do you have another idea on how make a guy asking you out for a date, share it with me on comment below..Thank You for reading! lots of love ~.~.

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