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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gamcheom Cultural Village

Its day two at Busan South Korea, I started my journey with visiting the Gamcheon Cultural Village which is also referred as Machu Picchu of Korea.
How to go there: Metro Line 1 at Toseong Station - take exit 6, transfer to Saha-gu Bus number 1-1, 2 or 2-2 and gt off at Gamcheon Culture Village. *Pretty far

The village decorated with beautiful murals, the village art project as the winding streets and alleyways criss-cross the area add an exotic charm and its allow visitors to explore the uniqueness of the village.

 Among the hot spot in this village are the Little Prince and Dessert Fox and Forming a Whole with Gamcheon are recommended photo zone.

There are lots of unusual souvenirs that have mysterious feelings namely the hand crafted wrists with words, a leisurely view over a cup of coffee in a cafe located on the top of the village, hand mirrors made of handji, Korean paper, mackerel-shaped mini cushion and the latest is the smoke ice cream. Seriously guys, its was summer and holidays season so the village pretty crowded and I spent like half day in there. Plus we need to get in line to take picture in hot photo zone like. Indedd, the scenery from the top was superb!
All picture taken by Iphone 5c without any filter apps.

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